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Governor’s Residence: Privacy and Safety in the Heart of Africa

Governor’s Residence: Privacy and Safety in the Heart of Africa

Last month, I visited a few secluded accommodation facilities in Kigali. The purpose of the visits was to identify an ideal sanctuary for a specific clientele. After a tour of the Governor’s Residence, I looked no further.

The Governor’s Residence is located in Kimihurura Sector, Gasabo District. The palatial property is surrounded by residential houses, restaurants, caf├ęs and a handful of hotels. Kimihurura is popular with both business and leisure travelers, thanks to a variety of fine dining spots and proximity to the Kigali Convention Center (KCC), museums, art galleries and every thing Kigali has to offer.

To ensure privacy of the esteemed guests, the Governor’s Residence limits access to residents only. Privacy is not the only thing the establishment guarantees. As you are about to find out, security is a top priority.

Upon arrival, I felt the calming effect of the tranquility experienced in the premises. At a glance, I saw a quiet haven seldom found in commercial hubs of Kigali’s magnitude. In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety levels are unprecedented. No wonder, investors in the tourism sector are doing their best to restore serenity.

As I exchanged pleasantries with the manager, with whom I had crossed paths before, the allure of the basketball court, sandwiched between the swimming pool and the tennis court, made me feel like unpacking my sneakers.

I resisted the temptation to step on the court because I was scheduled to leave for Bugesera in about thirty minutes. Had I picked up a basketball, the Bugesera plan would have been canceled. The last time I had an impromptu solo basketball game, I spent hours crossing over an imaginary defender and hitting shot after shot, over and over again.

After catching up with my host over coffee, she ushered me to the deluxe rooms. Following her lead, I proceeded to the Royal Suite. Finally, I checked out the Governor’s Suite.

Plush bedding, fine linens and ambient lighting blend perfectly to complement each room’s interior design. Jacuzzis, on the other hand, provide a blissful and rejuvenating experience.

The tour of the residence felt like an introduction to finer things in life. From one room to another, the grandeur of opulence was on full display. Apart from the usual upscale elegance and style, I noticed the installation of bullet-proof windows and combination lockable safes. As hinted above, safety is taken seriously here.

After inspecting the rooms, I strolled down the garden, en route to the gym and the spa. Although I was running out of time, I doubt if I would have left without using the gym. Luckily, its set-up wasn’t complete. If you have been reading my chronicles for a while, you are probably aware of my obsession with all things fitness.

Exercising is key in cultivating physical and mental wellness. As I always say, regular and consistent workouts bring money-can’t-buy health benefits. When it comes to sporting activities, visitors hosted by the Governor’s Residence are spoiled for choice.

Finally, I kicked back and relaxed on a poolside lounge chair. It was at this moment when I wished I was a resident on vacation rather than a trespasser who had to drive to the Eastern Province shortly thereafter.

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