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Friday Vibes: El Vista Backyard Bar

Friday Vibes: El Vista Backyard Bar

It’s that time of the week again: Friday evening. I am hanging out at El Vista Backyard Bar in Kigali, Rwanda. After a productive week, I found it befitting to reward myself with another El Vista experience.

I showed up early and spent some time in the garden preparing travel packages for a client while consuming aromatic beverages procured from El Vista Café. When my date arrived, we had dinner from the same spot before moving to the backyard where the bar is set up.

There is something about Friday that stirs excitement in the air. Although my Fridays are not significantly different from the rest of the days, I am always looking forward to the sunset that kick-starts a new weekend.

Tonight, I am drinking Grand Sud Merlot. This red wine, from southern France, is known for its distinctive herbal flavors. The Merlot grapes, from which the beverage is made, gives it that soft, fruity taste craved by wine enthusiasts all over the world.

El Vista Backyard Bar is ideal for those who need a peaceful outing after a long day at work. The music is soothing. The clientele is calm, composed and collected. As the evening progresses, more and more patrons are arriving.

I am using my phone to write this piece, but it’s time to put it aside and give my date the attention she deserves. Besides, there is a whole bottle of French wine on my table. Before I get rid of my device, let me wish you a happy weekend. Enjoy responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

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