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Escaping to Kingfisher Resort

Escaping to Kingfisher Resort

From Kigali, I spun my spokes to Cyamutara village, found in Gicumbi district’s Rutare sector. Then I branched off the highway and proceeded to Rwesero, on the shore of Lake Muhazi. Seven kilometers and a couple of wooden bridges later, I arrived at a parking lot reserved for Kingfisher Resort’s patrons.

I bought my boat ticket and sailed to the Gasabo side of Lake Muhazi, where the aforementioned resort is located. A return ticket costs Rwf 1,000 only, which is slightly less than a dollar. Alternatively, one can drive straight to the resort through Kajevuba and Rutunga.

If you are a boating enthusiast, accessing the facility through Rwesero will give you an opportunity to indulge in a thrilling boat ride. A stopover at the newly constructed Muhazi Dyke is highly recommended. Rutare Royal Tomb is also in the vicinity.

Muhazi is a flooded valley lake. It straddles parts of Gatsibo, Kayonza, Rwamagana, Gicumbi and Gasabo. From the sky, this narrow and shallow lake looks like a tree lying horizontally on the surface of the earth.

Upon arrival, I strolled around and snapped a few photos. All thirty-two rooms were occupied, thanks to an ongoing conference. About an hour later, the boat docked again. This time, dropping a big group of tourists from West Africa.

Every weekend, Kingfisher Resort attracts a magnitude of revelers. Its proximity to Kigali creates easy weekend getaway plans. This time around, I showed up in the middle of the week expecting to be the only customer. Little did I know that the allure of the facility is irresistible to both business and leisure travelers seven days a week.

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