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Dining: Chemchem Restaurant

Dining: Chemchem Restaurant

It’s a chilly Sunday evening here in Kigali. I am dining and wining at Chemchem Restaurant. The said restaurant is set up inside the premises of Jalia Garden in Rusororo suburb. The last time I wrote something about Chemchem, one reader asked me if it’s a Chinese Restaurant. "Chemchem sounds Chinese." He said.

Well, Chemchem is a Swahili word. If I remember correctly, it means fountain, spring or oasis. Like Chemchem, Jalia is also a Swahili word. It is synonymous with the act of pouring showers of blessings. These people must be descendants of mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

I am here alone. Who goes for dinner all by himself? I will explain. Earlier today, I delivered a book in the neighborhood. It started raining shortly after the delivery. Since I run errands on a motorbike, the weather forced me to seek refuge at Jalia. For the record, that rain was God’s way of pouring His showers of blessings.

It has stopped raining, but I feel like chilling here a little longer. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the scent of plants sprouting up from the artistically molded indoor pots are absolutely sensational. No wonder I don’t feel like leaving.

As dessert is served, I try to trace the chemchem of the soothing melodies detected by my ears. I am talking about the sound of the piano I can’t seem to locate. I hear low tone jingles, but I can’t see the source of the mysterious music.

Although unscripted, this dining experience has been very fulfilling. It’s getting late. Unfortunately, I have to leave. Hopefully, I will see the hidden speakers on my way out.

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