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Coffee brewing experience, courtesy of El Vista Café

Coffee brewing experience, courtesy of El Vista Café

When I dropped by El Vista Café to grab a cup of cappuccino, my coffee was served in an aesthetic, made-in-Rwanda cup. As I admired the handcrafted mug, my nosy-self spotted similar products in a pottery and art boutique set up within the same premises.

Detecting more than the aroma of coffee, I decided to tour the entire building in a bid to observe and absorb more. Just like that, what was supposed to be a short coffee break became a memorable learning experience.

I took advantage of my extended stay to squeeze in a tailor-made coffee brewing experience. Equipped with knowledge of the supply chain’s earliest stages, I needed to complete the journey by converting the beans into the beverage I can’t do without.

For starters, I was introduced to basic equipment and accessories by my instructor, Frank Kamanzi. What followed was a step-by-step practical training designed to simplify the process. His hands-on teaching methodology unleashed the barista in me.

In the beginning, we made single and double shots of espresso. Then we prepared a cup of cappuccino. Finally, we rustled up some latte. The science behind distinct flavors of coffee is quite intriguing. Required ratios, weights, temperature and other equations are strictly observed to ensure the finished product meets the lofty standards of coffee enthusiasts.

After savoring self-brewed coffee, I strolled around the property one more time. When I returned to the boutique mentioned above, I took a closer look at the items sold therein, but that’s a story for another day.

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