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Zip Lining at Mount Kigali

Zip Lining at Mount Kigali

While patrolling the crest of Mount Kigali on a horse, I slowed down and admired the city’s splendid panorama. On the other side of the hill, I was awestruck by the picturesque Nyabarongo River, Mount Shyorongi and settlements spreading as far as Kamonyi and Muhanga.

I had found my way to the summit from Sun City hotel and discovered Fazenda Sengha. Fazenda Sengha is a recreational facility established to reintroduce the equestrian culture in Rwanda while creating an environmentally friendly social enterprise uniting friends and families interested in horsemanship and outdoor sports.

After riding a horse around the summit, I had my first ever zip line experience. A zip line user glides from the launch deck to a relatively lower landing spot propelled by gravity. This action is facilitated by a pulley suspended on a steel cable.

Initially, the zip line experiment sounded crazy but I had seen crazier things before. I had seen people jumping out of flying airplanes in extreme pursuit of adventure. If it scares you, it is probably worth trying.

Before my first attempt, my instructor, a gentleman namely Vitalis performed a safety check and demonstrated how zip lining is done by skyrocketing from platform to platform. I was nervous and almost changed my mind. My inner voice advised me to stick to hiking and horse riding but I couldn’t resist the temptation to try something new. I ignored that voice, gathered courage and took a leap of faith.

It felt like flying. As speed increased, the zip wire I was hooked to became invisible, further enhancing my ’flying’ experience. At some point, I felt like a plane wreck falling from the sky, about to crash and explode. It was a combination of thrill and fear of self-inflicted disaster. The landing part was scarier but I had no problem whatsoever, thanks to useful landing tips from Vitalis.

My first plunge was nerve-wracking. Subsequent ones were thrilling but not as terrifying. When I got comfortable, I wished the lines were longer. I wished I could fly to Shyorongi and beyond.

On that unforgettable day, I ascended to Kigali’s highest point, conquered fear and soared to new heights. Great location, knowledgeable guides, impressive safety standards and stunning panoramic views. Need I say more?

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