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Weekend getaways

Weekend getaways

Good times are meant to be shared. From now henceforth, I will be inviting engaged readers to join my tours. The upcoming trips will be partially sponsored. As a result, traveling with me will be unbelievably affordable. There is no better opportunity to discover what Rwanda has in store.

Some readers have been reaching out to me expressing desire to see more of Rwanda. If you are one of them, fasten your shoelaces. Adventure is calling.

There are those who text me whenever they spot an error in my writing. If you have ever volunteered to be my editor, put your hiking boots on. I will take you to the volcanoes. When I wrote swam instead of swum, one of the first 10 readers taught me the past participle tense of verb swim. I owe this English teacher of mine a free tour of Kimisagara.

About a year ago, I used one phrase three times in one short story and one of you advised me to use three different synonyms instead. If you are that person, a seat in the van is reserved for you.

When I published a story highlighting my experiences in Musanze Caves, some of you doubted the strength of the soil encrusting those holes. If you are one of them, I have something to tell you before I take you to Musanze.

Those lava tubes have stood the test of time. They have survived massive earthquakes wreaking havoc from time to time. They have withstood construction projects and constant human activities taking place on their roof. If you think coughing in the caves will make them crumble, think again.

Speaking of standing the test of time, one day I wrote taste of time instead of test of time. Luckily, someone texted me before the story was viewed by 50 people. If that someone is you, pack your bags. We are going on vacation.

Another reader from the other side of the Atlantic asked me if Rwanda is truly as beautiful as I portray it. Well, I have been sharing my honest observation without any promotional hype. If my chronicles sound advertorial, then this remarkable destination is inevitably marketable. Besides, there are bragging rights associated with the pursuit of adventure in a country as beautiful as the one I am covering.

In partnership with one tour operator, I made it easy for the aforementioned reader to visit Rwanda last summer. When she discovered the land of 1,000 Hills and wrote her own story, my description of beauty became a huge understatement.

Yesterday, four readers were left by the Amahoro island-bound group because my selfish influencer decided to sign up his own friends. If you are one of them, I promise you a trip to Amahoro.

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