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Visit Karongi

Visit Karongi

I visit Karongi quite often but I had never been to Rebero Kivu Resort until five days ago. Karongi is the sanctuary I run to whenever I feel the need to take a break from the fast-paced rhythm of the city and reclaim my peace of mind.

When I returned to Karongi last week, I touched base with my boatman who recommended the aforementioned resort. After a brief tour of the facility, I looked no further.

For starters, this serene resort is on a beautiful hill. The view of the lake from this hill is breathtaking. Secondly, there are affordable apartments in the premises.

I love home cooked meals. I don’t like eating brochette in the bars. Besides, I had vowed to become a better cook in 2019. Developing my cooking skills was one of my new year’s resolutions. We are already in May and I haven’t made any significant progress in that department. Staying here while visiting Karongi gives my nomad-self access to the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, I don’t have to go to the market to buy stuff to cook. Rebero Kivu Resort rears broilers and layers. Chicken and eggs are produced two steps from my kitchen and sold to residents cheaply. Cows are kept in my backyard and fresh milk is at my disposal every morning.

In addition, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are grown within the compound. I have learned the art of converting fresh fruits into healthy cocktails and smoothies. These natural flavors will be badly missed when I go back to the city.

When I was a kid, I used to pick free guavas from trees on my way to school. I see these fruits in the shelves of different Kigali supermarkets with price tags stuck to their ripe skins. I once bought some from one of those supermarkets but they were not fresh and their taste wasn’t authentic.

I have finally found guava fruits whose taste and scent bring back memories of my childhood. Guess what, I can pick them from the garden while standing on my balcony and produce my own tropical guava refreshments.

Last year, Lake Kivu’s fishermen taught me how to fish. While visiting different parts of the Western Province, I had the privilege of working with tea and coffee growers. When an opportunity to learn how to produce my own coffee and tea presented itself, I grabbed it. When someone promised to teach me how to milk cows and brew wine, I knocked on his door at 5 in the morning.

While in Karongi, I have been extracting food components and their ingredients from the source and participate in the process of transforming them into consumables. In partnership with different tour operators, I will be offering custom made packages to help you experience something different, acquire new skills and empower communities.

Although I have fallen in love with my cozy house, I didn’t come here to sleep. I came here to participate in a variety of recreational and informative excursions. I am here to play hard and learn harder. I came to Karongi in pursuit of leisure and education. I am visiting the area to discover its hidden gems and give them a little bit of exposure.

I have never entered the Museum of Environment which happens to be across the street. I will probably leave Karongi before I find out what is exhibited in that building despite its close proximity to my home away from home.

I have no idea how the environment can be documented in a museum. I am curious. I need to find out but at the same time, I feel like riding a bicycle along the Karongi segment of the Congo Nile Trail. I also want to do a boat tour around Amahoro, Nyenyeri, Mukondwe, Shegesha, Nyamunini and Mpangara islands. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Recently, my boatman unveiled a new fast boat and I haven’t tested it’s powerful engine yet. I have also noticed that my host has imported brand new fancy kayaks and mountain bicycles.

I would have written more but I have to go. There is so much to do out there and I am running out of time.

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