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View from the sky

View from the sky

The sound of whirring blades, the feeling of lift-off and the striking view of the ground falling away can be nerve-raking for first time flyers, but that’s the beauty of it.

At night, Kigali looks like a diamond-sprinkled dark surface. During the day, a low altitude flight over Akagera National Park is priceless. Elsewhere, Nyabarongo River looks like a snake gliding from the southwest to the southeast. Along the way, the country’s longest river bypasses the capital.

Some attractions require an aerial tour. Take the Nyungwe National Park, for instance, covering an area of 1,000 square kilometers. Its topography is a hindrance to obstruction-free sightseeing. Rather than trekking in the jungle, a visitor can enjoy a birds-eye-view. You will have no idea how astonishing the forest is until you fly over it. Seeing how thick vegetation winds through the landscape, nourishing the surface and falling over deep valleys will take your breath away.

The towering volcanoes and Lake Kivu grace the northern and western borders respectively. Their view from above is a sight to behold.

Flying in a helicopter enables you to see what the pilot sees and does not require a window seat to see the sky around you and the land beneath you. These little flying machines do not require a runway while taking off and landing. They simply ascend and descend. They can land almost anywhere, with or without a helipad. 

Exploring Rwanda from the sky is a privilege only a few used to enjoy, but affordable packages are currently being offered by Akagera Aviation, the sole operator in the helicopter tours category.

Some occasions like weddings happen once in a lifetime (in most cases) and command a special treat. You can spare some money from your wedding budget and fly with your significant other to the honeymoon nest of your choice. Prepare to be awestruck by the scenery and clear visibility the Rwandan sky guarantees throughout the year.

Regular itineraries range from spins above Kigali, Nyabarongo and Bugesera to longer rides across the volcanoes, the Twin Lakes, Lake Kivu as well as Nyungwe and Akagera national parks. This selection of thoughtfully designed excursions has been packaged to ensure unforgettable experiences for esteemed customers.

A helicopter is also an ideal solution for those who need to reach their destinations faster and save time.

Helicopters fly lower than planes and hover over points of interest. Akagera Aviation rates are fairly reasonable, considering their bucket-list nature and bragging rights.

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