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The Peakspot Lodge

The Peakspot Lodge

Located near the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo, The Peakspot Lodge is at the heart of the most popular tourist attractions in Rwanda. Coming from humble beginnings, the facility is now attracting a wide range of travelers.

The Peakspot embraces affinity to mother nature and inspires us to convert available resources into assets. It is recommended to those who need to kick back, relax and nurse sore muscles after hours of gorilla trekking and hiking the skyscraping volcanoes. There is an eucalyptus sauna on the premises to aid the healing process.

Materials used for the construction of this serene camp were sourced locally and its design reflects its natural environment. Interiors are decorated creatively and handicrafts crafted by skilled local artisans are displayed on the walls. Occasionally, tents are erected in the garden to accommodate those who prefer a camping experience.

In most cases visitors are required to be at the Volcanoes National Park’s registration office at 7 in the morning, prompting them to leave Kigali at 5 a.m. or spend the night in Musanze. Located 3 kilometers from the office, Peakspot provides a convenient solution to the dilemma faced by most tourists.

There is a variety of things to do within the park but most of them involve my favorite activity which is hiking. Hiking denotes the journey of our lives. All we need to do is to put one foot in front of the other repeatedly. When we appreciate what is around us as we march towards our target, we witness beauty every step of the way.

Peakspot owns vehicles built to handle the African safari terrain. In addition, its trained wildlife guides are available every day of the week. Apart from visiting the famous mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, esteemed guests can hike their way to the tomb of Dian Fossey or prowl after an astonishing crater lake on Mount Bisoke. Alternatively, they can visit the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo or explore underground magic in the caves. This area is also known for a variety of community-based and cultural tourism activities.

At the Gorilla Guardians Village, visitors get acquainted with Rwanda’s rich historical and cultural heritage. They also interact with former poachers who are now protecting the gorillas. Transformation of poachers into rangers is one of those stories you would want to tell your grandchildren one day. Through initiatives introduced by Gorilla Guardians Village, livelihoods of the people residing in areas surrounding the park have improved significantly.

During my latest trip to Kinigi, I had an opportunity to mingle with members of the local community and experience their day to day lives. At the end of the day, I was impressed by the culinary expertise the Peakspot chef demonstrated.

After dinner, I sat at the bar and watched football with a couple of guests and a few other football fanatics from Kinigi area. We didn’t know each other but when the game is on and beers are flowing, bonding becomes natural. Win, lose or draw, at The Peakspot Lodge everyone is a winner.

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