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Team Adventure

Photo Credit: Yassyn Nizeyimana

I love calorie-burning recreational activities. If I add involvement in sporting events to the content of my resume, I will probably need 10 extra pages.

As I keep visiting different parts of Rwanda, I continue to participate in a variety of dynamic activities regularly. These include hiking, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and cycling. I enjoy marathons, triathlons and whatever pushes my physical endurance to the limit.

In Kigali, car free days’ drills and pick up basketball games keep my high-octane flame burning. Whenever I run to the court for a game of hoops, I do so with the kind of desperation you feel when you are running away from something or running to catch something.

When I visit a new town, I prefer strolling around on foot. Walking enables me to observe and absorb more. Every step I take helps me to blend in and capture the spirit of my host community.

When I update this blog, I express my honest observation without any promotional hype. If my chronicles sound advertorial, then this thrilling journey is inevitably marketable. Besides, there are bragging rights associated with the pursuit of adventure in a country as beautiful as the one I cover.

Lately, more and more readers have been reaching out to me expressing the same sentiments and sharing their own experiences in the land of 1,000 Hills. Some of them joined my most recent expeditions and invited me to join theirs.

I am encouraged by those who offer inspiring ideas and practical advice. I am currently engaged in a healthy dose of communication with travel enthusiasts from around the globe.

The number of readers who are expressing a strong desire to visit Rwanda is growing. In partnership with different tour operators, plans are underway to facilitate their vacations in this remarkable destination. We already have exciting summer plans with a good number of them.

Good times are meant to be shared. I am inviting you and your friends to come on board. Be part of the team. Team Adventure is recruiting.

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