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Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This

I have just spoken to one follower of this blog who claims I cover Karongi more often than the rest of the districts. He is wrong. Karongi is the fourth most featured district on Exposure behind Musanze, Gasabo and Kayonza. However, though unapologetic, I have to admit that I visit Karongi frequently.

While checking the parity of coverage, or lack thereof, I noticed that there are nine districts I have never mentioned since I started blogging exactly three years ago. Districts that I always bypass and overlook.

To commemorate the third anniversary of Exposure Digital, I am embarking on a motorcycle tour across all 30 districts of Rwanda. I am using an adventure bike built by our very own Rwanda Motorcycle Company (RMC). The new tour is designed to showcase Rwanda as a tourist destination and promote Rwandan brands.

I launched this blog on November 1, 2017. Ever since, I have published hundreds of short stories in a bid to share my experiences with travel enthusiasts all over the world. In these chronicles, I express my honest observation without any promotional hype.

This series is not advertorial but the beauty of the land of 1,000 Hills is undeniable. What I have seen so far is breathtaking. Although I have not scratched the surface yet, my 3-year journey of discovery has been very informative and awe-inspiring.

Furthermore, I have encountered industrious people with impressive practical skills. The backpack I am using is sewed by a Kayonza-based young woman. My waterproof rain suit and camping gear are tailor-made, courtesy of one Musanze-based entrepreneur while my boots are made in Rubavu. Two days ago, I was served coffee in polished porcelain utensils handcrafted by members of a local cooperative in Kitabi Sector, Nyamagabe District. Wherever I go, I spend nights in cottages built using 100% locally sourced construction materials and interior design items.

Obviously, we can get rid of our overdependence on imported stuff. It’s about time we turn to made-in-Rwanda products and support local businesses. This is the inspiration behind the new campaign.

This time around, I will feature all districts equally. At the end of this tour, thousands of new stories and 30 e-books will be circulating globally. If you or your business wish to be part of this tour, drop an email: Let’s do this.

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