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Introducing the Akagera Expedition

Introducing the Akagera Expedition

I left Kigali at four in the morning. By 6:30, I was munching breakfast at Akagera Transit Lodge. After breakfast, I picked up my packed lunch and entered the national park through Kiyonza Gate.

The reception of Akagera National Park is found three kilometers from the gate. En route to the reception, I saw three big cats crossing the road. Unfortunately, I am still struggling to identify those predators. I can barely distinguish tigers from cheetahs, jaguars from leopards or cougars from pumas.

If tigers and their cousins are confusing you too, seek tour guiding services. Alternatively, you can just show up. Upon arrival, qualified tour guides will be at your disposal any day of the week.

As mentioned above, I was driving to the reception when some carnivorous creatures, belonging to one of the aforementioned species, crossed the road. It was the first time I saw animals before buying a permit. Yes, an encounter with the big cats took place before I reached the reception, from which permits are sold.

Spotting animals before flagging off the much anticipated game drive was a sign of an unforgettable wildlife experience. Eventually, this tour created memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. As I always say, good things are meant to be shared — these recollections are no exceptions.

I have written a dozen short stories highlighting my experiences inside the home of the big five. The tour, dubbed Akagera Expedition , will be presented spontaneously in twelve episodes. The twelve pieces are scheduled to be published in twelve consecutive days, starting October 31, 2022.

On day 13, the series will be repackaged to create an e-book that will be given to you free of charge. Its print version will be donated to community libraries through Exposure’s Give Back initiative. As I said, good things are meant to be shared.

The Akagera Expedition series and the ensuing book are designed to give your business mileage in the market. The visibility created by this content will undoubtedly make your company stand out from the crowd. WhatsApp or email me for details.

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