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Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition - Part VI: Lunch at Mihindi Campsite & Café

Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition - Part VI: Lunch at Mihindi Campsite & Café

Part V of this series was a highlight of my safari experiences at the Akagera National Park. The rest of the series will provide details of what transpired during this epic adventure. Today, allow me to write something about my lunch break at Mihindi Campsite & Café.

Apart from Mihindi, there are three other campsites namely Muyumbu, Shakani and Mutumba. High-end accommodation services are offered by Ruzizi Tented Lodge, Magashi Camp, Karenge Bush Camp and Akagera Game Lodge. More information about accommodation options will be given in the last part of this 12-piece series.

Mihindi Campsite & Café is set up on the shore of Lake Mihindi. For the record, there are ten lakes within the park. I will shed some light on this cluster of water bodies and the surrounding marshlands in part IX.

Before I entered the park, I packed some sandwiches and refreshments procured from Akagera Transit Lodge. There is another coffee shop at the park’s headquarters, about three kilometers from Kiyonza Gate. For lunch, I would recommend Mihindi Campsite & Café. However, it is advisable to have snacks and refreshments in your vehicle throughout the ride.

While munching my sandwiches, I marveled at the lake and listened to my favorite songs. I am talking about the soothing melodies produced by those birds I always write about. It is at this point when I added camping at Mihindi to my bucket list.

Before I resumed the game drive, I took a walk around the campsite and saw a low-lying electric fence installed along the shoreline to protect campers from dangerous aquatic animals. Part VII of this awe-inspiring series will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned.

The author is a travel enthusiast visiting different attractions in Africa. This series is sponsored by Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, Akagera Transit Lodge and Royal Balloon Rwanda.

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