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Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition - Part IV: Mapping out the game drive

Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition - Part IV: Mapping out the game drive

After my unforgettable hot air balloon experience, I returned to the park’s reception to gather all the information I needed. While at the reception, I studied the map and fine-tuned details of my game drive.

There are two major south-north routes. In a bid to observe and absorb more, I chose to cover a short stretch of the western mountainous trail before curving down to pursue the popular lake shore road.

It is advisable to buy a map prior to embarking on an unguided tour. However, my stingy self took a photo of the map hanging on the wall instead of buying one. The photograph of the map gave me clear directions. Getting lost in the bush wasn’t a concern whatsoever.

Despite the clarity of the said photograph, a guide would have been more useful. Hiring one is highly recommended. There are things an image of a piece of paper can’t explain. Guides will be at your disposal, at a reasonable fee, whenever you show up.

As part of my final preparations, I located viewpoints, picnic sites and campsites. Although camping wasn’t part of the itinerary, I relied on these facilities for bathroom breaks. I also had lunch at Mihindi Campsite & CafĂ©. Details of my lunch break on the shore of Lake Mihindi will be shared in Part VI.

I skimmed through the park’s etiquette and made sure I understood its code of conduct. Then I pinpointed the locations of different lakes, marshlands, peninsulas and plains. On top of that, I estimated distances between milestones and figured out how to pace myself along the way.

When all was set, I hit the road. Disappearing into the animal kingdom drove chills down my spine. Part V of this series will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned.

The author is an adventurer visiting different attractions in Africa. This series is sponsored by Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, Royal Balloon Rwanda and Akagera Transit Lodge.

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