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Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition

Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition

Last week, I wrote something about the upcoming series dubbed Akagera Expedition. It is my pleasure to inform you that the much anticipated masterpiece has been rebranded Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition. This development follows the acquisition of naming rights by a company namely Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel.

Apart from the aforementioned title sponsor, the tour has attracted two banner sponsors: Royal Balloon Rwanda and Akagera Transit Lodge. Over the course of the 12-piece series, these sponsors’ banners will be popping up from time to time. Spare some time to visit their websites and see what they have in store.

The expedition will run for twelve consecutive days. On day 13, the tour will be repackaged to create an e-book that will be given to you free of charge. Its print version will be donated to community libraries through Exposure’s Give Back initiative.

This epic adventure is brought to you by Exposure Ltd, a Rwandan content marketing company establish to promote tourism and restore the culture of reading. Although the expedition is a marketing campaign, it is presented based on my honest observation without any promotional hype.

Touring the Akagera National Park is like reading a book. You can turn one page after another and soak up knowledge from chapter to chapter. My experiences on this tour can be summed up as a highly entertaining and deeply informative celebration of nature’s beauty.

The three sponsorship slots have been taken. However, your business can still benefit from the exposure of this mega campaign through our Give Back initiative. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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