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If you missed the Akagera series, this free booklet is for you

If you missed the Akagera series, this free booklet is for you

After an extensive tour of the Akagera National Park, I published a dozen short stories. Good things are meant to be shared. My experiences in the animal kingdom are no exception.

As promised, the content is repacked to create a booklet. The banner displayed at the bottom of this piece gives readers free access to the online version of the publication. In partnership with different stakeholders, I will donate print copies of The Akagera Expedition to community libraries in Rwanda and Ghana.

Donating books to community libraries is part of Exposure’s Give Back initiative. The objective of the said initiative is to fill the shelves of those libraries, one book at a time.

Apart from donating books, I have been participating in reading and interactive sessions with the beneficiaries of youth empowerment programs offered by thirty-two youth centers found in different districts of Rwanda.

By donating books showcasing the beauty of Africa and inspirational stories from African communities, we are planting the seed of the African dream among the youth while attracting tourists from every corner of the world.

As mentioned above, the banner below will direct you to The Akagera Expedition. All you have to do is press the button. After landing on the page, leaf through the booklet and share the material. As I said, good things are meant to be shared.

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