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Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Rwanda is blessed with moderate weather throughout the year. I have never seen snow my entire life and I am not looking forward to an encounter with it. The closest I have ever been to winter is the day I stepped on the summit of Mount Karisimbi.

The weather has been unpredictable lately but this time of the year is the best time for a biker to explore. I am talking about the June - September dry season. Is this our version of summer? May be.

As mentioned above, the weather in this part of the world is friendly all year round. However, like every where else, there are rainy days and I hate them. While touring the land of a 1,000 hills, I indulge in different outdoor activities. These include hiking, kayaking, canoeing, cycling and sightseeing, to name but a few. These activities are more thrilling on sunny days.

There are times when I was forced to postpone some activities, or cancel them altogether, because of torrential downpours. I remember leaving the sprawling tea fields of Nyabihu without fulfilling my mission. I recall the day I spent a whole day indoors while visiting Rubavu — the day I was scheduled to propel a kayak to Akeza Island.

My most memorable tours took place during this time of the year. Even last year wasn’t that bad despite the pandemic. When movement restrictions were eased, I traveled solo and did my best to limit interactions with members of the host communities. I also did a lot of camping, another activity that is highly recommended during the sunny season.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate rainfall. We need it to grow crops and replenish sources of our water bodies. Our lives depend on it. But as an outdoor thrill seeker, I love warm weather and gleams of sunshine.

It’s that time of the year again. Coincidentally, I am on a tour of all 30 districts of Rwanda. It will be fun to do this without having to deal with prolonged showers. I am looking forward to creating new memories. Memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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