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From Rubavu to Rusizi

From Rubavu to Rusizi

Last night, I asked a friend of mine to mention one thing he remembers most about our recent road trip from Rubavu to Rusizi. He said, "At one spot, I saw the road spinning 360° before it disappeared." If his response doesn’t make sense to you, take a good look at the image above.

I remember seeing many S-shaped stretches along the way. From time to time, the track was twirled to form other letters too, including O and crooked Q. If my observation doesn’t make sense, take another look at the image above.

Downtown Rubavu lies on relatively flat plains bordering Goma, the capital city and commercial hub of the North Kivu Province located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). From Rubavu, the terrain rises sharply towards the western edge of Gishwati forest.

Between Rubavu and Rutsiro, the road slices through tea plantations and the periphery of Gishwati-Mukura National Park. Rutsiro District is often overlooked by leisure travelers but its potential is finally attracting investors’ attention.

Karongi is known for its tranquility, attractive islands and water sports. Escaping to this serene resort town is synonymous to reclaiming your lost peace of mind. The number of Karongi-bound visitors running away from their stressful lives is increasing.

Further south, Nyamasheke is not as popular but it’s just a matter of time before the area positions itself as an alluring destination. At some point within the Nyamasheke segment of the road, we saw Lake Kivu on one side and Nyungwe National Park on the other.

The twist and turn highway is constructed adjacent to the Congo Nile Trail. The trail attracts energetic adventurers determined to discover the hidden gems of the Kivu Belt through an off the beaten path.

This episode of our memorable road trip came to an end at the bridge connecting Rusizi to DRC’s South Kivu Province. Here, we traced the source of Rusizi River which is a gateway to Lake Tanganyika.

As our van meandered from the northern tip of Lake Kivu to its southern flank along a scenic shoreline, we were awe-struck by the view of the lake, peninsulas, lagoons and isles. We were also amazed by the en route presentation of alphabetical disorder.

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