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Exposure Digital

Five years ago, I started visiting different parts of Rwanda and sharing my travel experiences through a series of stories published on This travel blog is run by Exposure Ltd, a Rwandan marketing company established to promote tourism and cultivate the culture of reading.

Under the umbrella of Exposure, I am running a content marketing campaign designed to showcase Rwanda as a destination while promoting literacy. The said campaign has led to the creation of an online community of Visit Rwanda enthusiasts from around the globe. Regular consumers of Exposure’s content are culturally diverse. However, they are united by their love for adventures and shared desire to discover what the land of 1,000 hills has to offer.

Exposure Digital is an affiliate marketing program designed to deliver measurable results. Unlike traditional advertising channels, this program harnesses the power of technology to regulate the reach and frequency algorithms in order to give our esteemed clients value for their money.

As presently constructed, the program provides the following:
1. Creation of visibility
2. Traffic generation

Lead generation and conversion tracking will be introduced during the first quarter of 2022.

In a bid to cater for small and medium enterprises, we have come up with three affordable plans:

Monthly visibility: 50,000 banner views
Monthly traffic: 1,000 website visitors
Monthly fee: Rwf 100,000

Monthly visibility: 100,000 banner views
Monthly traffic: 2,000 website visitors
Monthly fee: Rwf 200,000

Monthly visibility: 100,000 banner views
Monthly traffic: 4,000 website visitors
Monthly fee: Rwf 400,000

We design and install our advertisers’ animated and static web banners for free. In addition, we add buttons that enable viewers to visit their websites or booking/e-commerce pages. Each banner is then exposed to a pool of readers from the advertiser’s target clientele. Key data like geographical locations, age demographics, interests and consumer behavior are put into consideration.

Through advanced analytics, we record the number of views each banner attracts and track down visitors sent to each advertiser’s website or booking/e-commerce page. Then we share weekly, monthly and quarterly reports with our clients and work with their web managers to confirm the figures.

Exposure Digital is tested and trusted. It is a result-oriented, high-tech tool that will undoubtedly make your business stand out from the crowd. In order to demontrate how the system delivers exactly what the client pays for, we offer a two-week free trial to potential advertisers.

Contact us and try Exposure Digital for free
Tel: +250 783 500 555

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