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Claim Your Gift

Yesterday, I published the last part of the Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition. This awe-inspiring series has been repackaged to create a book that will be donated to community libraries through Exposure’s Give Back initiative.

The electronic version of this publication will be accessible through this site, free of charge. Meanwhile, your free PDF copy is ready. Claim it through the banner displayed at the bottom of this page.

This Christmas gift, from me to you, wouldn’t have been created without those who enabled me to travel to the Akagera National Park, participate in different activities and gather all the information I needed. Once again, I acknowledge the contributions of three sponsors: Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, Akagera Transit Lodge and Royal Balloon Rwanda.

This expedition has created lasting memories. As I always say, good things are meant to be shared, and the said recollections are no exception. It is therefore befitting to give you the Akagera chronicles during this season of giving.

Ikaze Rwanda Tours Akagera Expedition is a marketing campaign that has already started converting. Earlier this week, I returned to the park with a group of influenced domestic and foreign tourists. The experience exceeded their expectations.

If you wish to visit this wildlife sanctuary, Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel has something in store for you. Starting next week, I will be exposing the irresistible packages. The festive season can’t get better than this.

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