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Cycling Around the Twin Lakes

Cycling Around the Twin Lakes

Cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly. While visiting different parts of Rwanda, I participate in cycling events as often as I can. Exploring the hidden gems of this remarkable destination while burning calories is priceless.

During one of my frequent trips to the Northern Province, I indulged in a cycling tour organized by Beyond the Gorillas Experience (BGE). On that memorable day, we spun our spokes for about six hours and covered eighty kilometers.

This unforgettable tour was flagged off in a village known as Gahunga found in Burera District. Then we paddled along a dirt road slashing through settlements and farms before taking our first break at the Ntaruka hydropower plant.

We rode past the pipeline flashing water from Lake Burera to her twin sister, Lake Ruhondo. This structure is the only physical connection between the two lakes. Channeling water from one lake to another, and producing electricity in the process, is quite intriguing.

Farther ahead, we took another break on a hill. From our vantage point, we soaked up the view of Lake Ruhondo and the towering volcanoes. The picturesque vista of the gentle waves, Gashaki Peninsula and the mist-capped volcanoes made this break longer than initially planned.

After a long photoshoot session, we proceeded to Paradise Bar & Restaurant on the shore of Lake Burera. At Paradise, we grabbed some snacks and quenched our thirsts. When the tour resumed, we had enough fuel to finish the physically taxing expedition.

While in Rwerere area, we got an insight into wheat production and forestry. During our subsequent stopovers at Rugezi swamp and the waterfall, we learned how the two magical lakes and Mukungwa River were formed. The story behind the formation of these water bodies is fascinating.

At some point, we were so close to Uganda that I started receiving text messages from Ugandan telecommunication companies offering roaming plans. After bypassing Butaro Hospital and the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), we crossed the finish line at Kidaho in Cyanika Sector.

This epic adventure was also an informative study tour. Visit BGE’s website through the banner displayed below and book your tour.

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