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Between the volcanoes and the twin lakes

Between the volcanoes and the twin lakes

I am writing this from a village known as Kidaho in the Northern Province of Rwanda. Earlier today, I visited Kalenda hill viewpoint and had lunch at the foot of Rugezi Falls.

From Kalenda vantage point, I saw parts of southwestern Uganda. At Rugezi Falls, I learned more about the formation of the twin lakes and Mukungwa River. There is a fascinating story behind these geographical features.

I will need several posts to share my Kalenda - Rugezi adventures. Today, allow me to write something about the settlement in which my ongoing coffee break is taking place.

Kidaho is a small village in Cyanika Sector, Burera District — approximately 30 kilometers north of Musanze and about 5 kilometers from Cyanika border post. It is here where the junction to the ultra-modern Butaro Hospital and the world-class University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is found.

Kidaho is sandwiched between the Volcanoes National Park and the twin lakes. Muhabura, the third-tallest volcano in the Virunga Massif, is clearly visible from anywhere in the village. On the other side, Lake Burera, and her twin sister (Lake Ruhondo) are in the vicinity.

I wanted to have coffee on the rooftop of Montana Vista Hotel, only to find it temporarily closed. I am now sipping self-brewed coffee from a friend’s office while updating you and charging my devices. After more than five years of running circles around the country, I have made friends in every Umurenge.

It’s getting late. I am about to leave for Musanze where I will spend a night. Until next time, goodbye Burera. I will miss you.

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