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Escaping to Bugesera Lake Hotel

Escaping to Bugesera Lake Hotel

It is October 5, 2021. I am on a sightseeing tour around Bugesera District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. As I kick back, relax and soak up the view, I reminisce about what transpired the first time I set foot on the premises of Bugesera Lake Hotel.

In June this year, I had a memorable sojourn at this hotel. This happened during a solo adventure ride from Ngoma to Kigali via Bugesera. On that memorable day, I discovered Akagera River and a cluster of lakes.

My plan was to visit Lake Mugesera. I am talking about that June exhilarating spin around the Ngoma - Bugesera greater marshland area. However, I didn’t see Lake Mugesera because I got lost along the way and ended up on the shore of Lake Sake instead. From there, I proceeded to Lake Rumira after a brief stopover on a hill overlooking Lake Birara.

The astonishment of seeing one lake after another made me dizzy. Lakes are all over the place in this part of the country. After a quick look at the map, I realized I had bypassed several other lakes I had never heard of. I was stumbling into a new lake every after a few kilometers.

At some point, I wanted to sit down and sip some coffee while digesting everything I had seen and learned. When I made it to the entrance of La Palisse Gashora, I was informed that the hotel was hosting builders of the Bugesera International Airport. Non residents were not welcome due to the Covid protocols put in place to ensure the safety of the team working on this mega project.

Having denied access to La Palisse Gashora, I decided to find an alternative coffee break venue in the area. That’s how I ended up here.

Today is World Teacher’s Day — the day I am writing this post. Chances are, it will be published after a couple of weeks. I have a dozen of unpublished pieces waiting to be thrown to the internet. I am not worried about the day this story will finally appear on your screen. On this blog, I share memories — not breaking news.

As I write this, I see vans dropping teachers from Kigali. They are here to celebrate their day. Whilst pondering the mysteries of a myriad of lakes found in the vicinity, I am hoping there is a Geography teacher in the group willing to teach me something about the formation of these attractive water bodies. Teachers don’t get a day off. Even on World Teacher’s Day.

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