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RwandAir’s growth is boosting the development of tourism

RwandAir’s growth is boosting the development of tourism

The aviation industry is soaring to new heights and engineering the evolution of travel in the process. The world is now a smaller place with unprecedented levels of connectivity and accessibility.

Operating from the heart of Africa, RwandAir is rapidly expanding its fleet and spreading wings to more and more destinations worldwide. New routes connecting Kigali to other cities around the world are encouraging more tourists to fly to the land of 1,000 Hills.

One of the world’s most improved airlines is currently serving 28 destinations in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. In addition, plans are underway to introduce direct flights to New York. In doing so, the airline will be tapping into the world’s second-biggest market in terms of the generation of outbound tourists.

The addition of Guangzhou on a growing list of RwandAir’s destinations is strengthening links between the vibrant business communities of Africa and China. The new route is also playing a big role in attracting Chinese tourists. China is the world’s leading supplier of tourists. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the Chinese outbound tourism expenditure accounts for over 20% of the global market.

Pitching viewers of the English Premier League through Arsenal’s endorsement deal is a great idea but someone has to make it easy for them to visit Rwanda. Thanks to RwandAir, fans from London and a good number of other Arsenal strongholds around the world can now travel to Rwanda easily.

Traveling within Africa is still not seamless. In most cases, it is more complicated to travel within the continent than it is to get here from Europe, America or the Middle East. With numerous new destinations in different parts of Africa, RwandAir is building bridges and encouraging Africans to visit each other.

Chidi Obidi, a music and dance fanatic from Lagos flew to Rwanda to catch a glimpse of diversity in African culture when the 10th edition of the Pan African Dance Festival (FESPAD) was kicked off. While in Rwanda, he created memories he will cherish for the rest of his life. His memorable trip would not have been easy or even possible if RwandAir wasn’t flying to Lagos.

Furthermore, RwandAir’s growth is stimulating international business and fueling the momentum in conference tourism. Traders and conference delegates inject substantial amounts of money into the economies of their host countries.

Construction of the first phase of Bugesera International Airport is in full swing. This project was rolled out in response to the need to keep up with a growing number of Rwanda-bound flights.

As the country continues to implement structural reforms necessary for sustainable growth, air transportation remains key in championing projected growth in trade and tourism. RwandAir is at the forefront of this trajectory.

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