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Lake Muhazi Detour

Lake Muhazi Detour

It was a hot Friday afternoon but the cool breeze from the lake was invigorating. I was sipping iced coffee at Falcon Golf & Country Club while watching golfers do their thing. Groves of leafy trees scattered across the field made it harder for the ball to find its way to the green circle. Some of the shots they were taking looked like Physics experiments to me.

Earlier on that memorable day, I had visited Akagera Community Center near the national park’s southern gate. I had also witnessed the distribution of free face masks in Kayonza, courtesy of the Mastercard Foundation. The project was a collaboration between the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center and Gahaya Links.

On my way back to Kigali, I had a stopover at Lake Muhazi. A detour to the lake wasn’t part of my itinerary. It was one of those unscripted scenes I usually incorporate into my tours.

I wanted to try my hand at golf but I was supposed to write something about the aforementioned face mask project. When I was done with the story, I updated the relevant blogs and social media pages. Then I was ready for my first ever golf training session.

Unfortunately, the trainer was booked. The said trainer is none other than Aloys Nsabimana, one of the most decorated pro golfers in Rwanda. I wanted to learn from the best but I wasn’t the only one.

It wasn’t my first trip to Lake Muhazi but I hadn’t been to Falcon before. A few years ago, I visited Muhazi Beach Resort and did a little bit of boating. A year later, I had a day out at Kingfish Beach Hotel and treated myself to a yummy tilapia specialty the resort is known for. I also sat behind the wheel and steered a speed boat around the Gasabo and Gicumbi parts of the lake. This happened before I became a regular fixture at different recreational facilities set up around the lake.

Apart from Gasabo and Gicumbi, the lake reaches parts of Rwamagana, Kayonza and Gatsibo. I have been trying different thrilling activities every time I escape to this uniquely shaped water body. Hitting a small white ball towards the green and, eventually, into the cup is next on my Muhazi to-do-list.

Falcon Golf & Country Club was founded in 2012. Golfers play every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, the 9-hole course hosts parties, picnics and a variety of team building activities. Obviously, participation is currently limited in accordance with the Covid protocols.

Nothing is as beautiful as a lakeside golf course. During sunset, the water illuminates and the sky glows. Watching the sun dropping behind the hills, on the other side of the lake, is a spectacle you would want to witness one day.

The author is an adventurer on a tour of all 30 districts and 416 sectors of Rwanda. Follow his awe-inspiring expedition on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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