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Adventure Diaries

If you are new here, I am currently on a tour of all 30 districts of Rwanda. It is an innovative campaign designed to showcase Rwanda as a...

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En route to Kayonza

After touring Karongi, Musanze and Gasabo, I headed to Kayonza District in the Eastern Province. Again, I traveled solo on a made-in-Rwanda...

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Every log he touches turns into gold

Wooden utensils, wine cellars, fashion accessories, frames, bookshelves, chandeliers — You name them. When it comes to wood, he can make anything....

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Visiting the western tip of Lake Muhazi

Remember the day I visited the former residence of King Kigeli IV Rwabugiri in Bumbogo? From there, I proceeded to Lake Muhazi via Gikomero and...

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Stopover in Gikomero Sector

After visiting Bumbogo, I proceeded to the southern tip of Lake Muhazi via Gikomero and Rutunga. This was the first time I reached Muhazi without...

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Stopover in Kimonyi Sector

Sometimes I go out for a walk or ride without a slight idea of where I would end up. As I wander around freely, my mind does the same. I am...

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