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Touring Kanyinya Hill

Touring Kanyinya Hill

On my way to Shyorongi, I zigzagged along a very steep elevation. As I approached Kanyinya area, I saw groups of hikers and runners toiling to the top of the hill one step at a time. Running from Gitikinyoni to Shyorongi is a demonstration of a firm commitment to fitness.

I took the left turn at some point and headed to Amakuza Grace View Resort. This is where some of those weekend hikers and runners reward themselves after completing their physically taxing challenges. It is here where they quench their thirst and take a breather before descending back to their improvised parking lot at the foot of the hill.

Apart from the health freaks who indulge in extreme sporting activities, I saw families and drinking buddies treating themselves to the widely publicized Amakuza goat specialty.

Amakuza Grace View has a beautiful beer garden. There is a basketball court too. Playing ball sounds like a better plan than rambling all the way from the famous yellow bar at the Skol junction. Mount Shyorongi hikers know what I am talking about.

After a brief stopover at Amakuza Grace View, I wanted to check out the ranch known as Wonderland but its gate was closed. There was no sign of any activities in there. I peeped through the fence and started envisioning the night I will camp there.

From Wonderland, I proceeded to the neighboring Kanyinya Hills Hotel. This is a serene property surrounded by a small forest. There is a jungle atmosphere up there. It’s hard to believe one can walk from this quiet hideout to Nyabugogo, a buzzing Kigali suburb, in less than an hour.

I didn’t see any cars on the parking lot but bartenders were busy carrying drinks to the other side of the establishment. The back-and-forth movement of a uniformed service team raised my curiosity. I poked my nose into other people’s businesses and discovered secluded cottages with hidden garages, ensuring the privacy of not only the esteemed guests but also their vehicles.

After a coffee break at Kanyinya Hills, I followed a narrow trail and got lost in the woods. When I emerged on the other side of the hill, I was stunned by the view of the city. I also saw Mount Kigali, Mount Jali and Nyabarongo River.

Speaking of Nyabarongo, this river seems to be all over the place. I rarely leave Kigali without crossing it. Sometimes I cross it twice before I reach my destination. Nyabarongo flows across all five provinces of Rwanda. It is part of the upper headwaters of the Nile and the primary source of domestic and industrial water supply in Kigali and other parts of Rwanda.

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