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Floating on gentle waves

Floating on gentle waves

Outdoor recreational facilities are safer during these unusual Covid times. Nonetheless, open-air settings create a better environment around the dining experience, with or without the pandemic. When this experience involves floating on gentle waves, magic happens.

Yesterday, I had a day out at Nyagasambu Realm Beach Hotel. It wasn’t my first time there. I had been there several times before. Its serenity and close proximity to Kigali make it an easy weekend getaway sanctuary. This time around, all I needed to do was kick back, relax and enjoy the cool breeze from the lake.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the addition of floating mini terraces. The wooden structures, with metallic railings, are tied to leashes which prevent them from drifting out of control. They look like patios detached from the rest of the property.

My initial plan was to have lunch under the canopy of trees and do a little bit of reading before stepping on the floater. Before lunch was served, light showers forced me to relocate to the upper restaurant area. It wasn’t a bad idea. The view from up there is even better.

When the weather improved, I took a walk around the facility. While doing so, I listened to my favorite songs from birds. I am learning to identify different species based on the melodies they produce. Every birding experience makes me more acquainted with these adorable creatures.

Finally, I stepped on the deck and ordered some coffee. After the delivery of my order, the roofless, engineless vessel was let loose. It could only go as far as the length of its docking leash.

This invention comes with a unique floating aid mechanism. It is a thought-provoking combination of creativity and physics. I consulted Google to learn more but the search engine provided materials containing the intricacies of Archimedes’ principle and other scientific phenomena I wasn’t in a mood to study.

As mentioned above, I was there to kick back, relax and sip some coffee while enjoying the cool breeze from the lake. On the other side of the narrow Muhazi offshoot, I saw the Muhazi Belt trail. This off-the-beaten path spans from Gicumbi to Gatsibo. One of these days, I will indulge in an adventure ride along the scenic route. As usual, I will share my discoveries and observation with you.

The author is an adventurer on a mission to discover what Rwanda has to offer. Follow his awe-inspiring expeditions on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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