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Low-risk destination

Low-risk destination

I am currently visiting Nyamasheke District in the Western Province of Rwanda. Upon arrival, I updated this blog and interacted briefly with Mauris and Evelyn, a couple from the Netherlands. The young Dutch travel enthusiasts are driving around the country while indulging in different activities.

From Kigali, they headed to the Southern Province and spent a night in Huye before proceeding to Nyungwe National Park, Africa’s best preserved rainforest. After their Nyungwe expedition, they pursued the Kivu Belt road and meandered all the way to Karongi.

Their sojourn in Karongi will be followed by a visit to Rubavu beach and the Volcanoes National Park. Finally, a trip to the Eastern Province, including a game drive across the Akagera National Park, will sum up their memorable tour of Rwanda.

I wanted to know why they chose to visit Rwanda of all places. "We needed to come to Africa and Rwanda is the only African country that falls under the Level 1 category in Covid- 19’s risk assessment, according to the Dutch inter-ministerial public information portal." Mauris told me.

I visited the site and checked out the travel advisory issued by their government. The risk levels are weighed from I to IV, with the yellow-toned level I being the safest. Level II, shaded in orange color, contains a list of countries posing moderate risks. Levels III and IV (maroon and red) are high and very high risk zones respectively.

Mauris and Evelyn are exploring the land of 1,000 hills under strict Covid protocol. They still have a lot of discovering to do but, so far, their expectations are exceeded. When they fly back home, they won’t have to quarantine because Rwanda is a low-risk destination. Had they chosen a destination that falls under any of the higher levels, a 14-day quarantine would be mandatory.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Nyamasheke is sponsored by Nyamasheke District, The Click Creations, Tec Global Ltd and Exposure.

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