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One night in Ngoma District

One night in Ngoma District

Last week, I returned to the Eastern Province and spent a night at Akagera Ihema View Campsite. That was my first solo camping experience there.

It was a quiet night but the singing birds inhabiting the area were louder than usual. When I woke up in the morning, I was awestruck by gleams of sunrise. As usual, the view of Lake Ihema was spectacular.

After a vigorous morning run, I left the camp and had a brief stopover in Gwinkwavu Sector. Then I proceeded to downtown Kayonza for a couple of meetings. Later in the afternoon, I hit the road again. This time, I headed to Ngoma District.

After perusing through different accommodation options, I chose to spend a night at Centre Saint Joseph. The old church-owned guest house has been transformed into a luxury hotel without getting rid of affordable rooms.

I wanted to have dinner and do some reading before going to bed but a friend of mine, who is stationed in the area, derailed my plans. He came to pick me up even before I unzipped my dirty biking boots. We ended up at the state-of-the-art East Gate Hotel. While having dinner, I was shown the new hotel’s attractive promotional offers.

Despite a spike in Covid numbers all over the region, Ngoma hadn’t registered a single case in almost a week. To make sure I don’t put my hosts at risk, I did an Antigen Rapid Test before I left Kigali.

After dinner, I returned to St. Joseph and slept like a baby. In the morning, I left for Bugesera District via Sake. On my way to Bugesera, I discovered Akagera River and a cluster of lakes. If you have been following this blog for a while, you are probably aware of my obsession with water bodies. I fell in love with this land of lakes and rivers.

My next post will shed more light on Akagera River and its environs. Spoiler alert: I found the Ngoma - Bugesera marshland area very attractive but the hippos and crocodiles freaked me out.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Ngoma is sponsored by Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, The Click Creations and Exposure Ltd.

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