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Transformation of Huye

Transformation of Huye

We left Kigali early in the morning and drove straight to the Ethnographic Museum in Huye District. Although I had been to this museum before, I wanted to refresh my knowledge of the cultural heritage exhibited there. Unfortunately, one email notification robbed me that opportunity.

I had forgotten to respond to a series of queries from a reader who was planning to hike Mount Karisimbi with members of the fitness club he subscribes to. It had been days since he had reached out to me for the first time. The tone of his reminder had a sense of urgency.

I sat down near the reception and compiled all the details needed by this aspiring Karisimbi hiker. When I finally emailed him the information, my travel companions were done with the tour of the museum. It was time to leave the building.

A visit to the museum was followed by a spin around Huye town. I was impressed by the massive facelift the municipality has undergone. For starters, the new bus station referred to as the Smart Complex Car Park is a reflection of the new Huye.

New buildings are sprouting up on both sides of RN1 but Hotel Faucon looks like an abandoned ruin of its former self. Whether this iconic property will be renovated or demolished to create space for a bigger project remains to be seen.

The commercial street known as Mu Cyarabu has been rebuilt. Arab settlers who hadn’t repainted their shops since the 1930s are finally keeping up with the transformation of Huye.

We drove to the National University of Rwanda and the Arboretum de Ruhande through Hospital Road. A significant portion of corporate Rwanda is a product of this campus.

We had breakfast at Nehemiah’s Best Coffee. This coffee shop is set up within the premises of the Anglican church. When we were sipping cappuccino and munching pastries, the Sunday service was going on in the chapel a few yards away. I followed part of the sermon while eating the daily bread God had given me.

Before we proceeded to Nyaruguru, we diverted to the streets of a neighborhood namely Taba. The old dusty and muddy roads of Taba have been replaced by cobblestone and well paved roadside walkways. If I lived here, I wouldn’t need a gym membership. Jogging on those footpaths would do the trick.

Huye is relatively quiet and laid back. It is easy to run errands in this town. Traffic jams and noise pollution are phrases its inhabitants are not familiar with. Speaking of the inhabitants of Huye, these lucky people enjoy moderate climate throughout the year.

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