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Staying at home: Time to restore my relationship with the rope

Staying at home: Time to restore my relationship with the rope

After a lifetime of active involvement in vigorous sporting activities, I find it hard to stay at home without exercising. I always had access to sports clubs, gyms and Rwanda’s stunning landscape. Then came 2020 and its dramatic turn of events.

As I exercise my civic duty to stay home for an initial period of two weeks, I have to find a way to stay in a good shape. As an extension of the lockdown looms, I have to figure out how to burn calories within the confinement of my house.

I once had a very close relationship with the jump rope. We were tight until my adventurous life got between us. My growing interest in the exploration of Rwanda while indulging in energetic activities drove us apart. Regular participation in hiking, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and running drifted me away from the rope.

The highly contagious coronavirus is bringing the whole world to its knees. Circumstances have forced me to stay home for a while. The isolation period may be longer depending on what unfolds during the next couple of weeks. I am currently working from home but after a whole day of sitting in my makeshift home office, I have seen the need to pick up the rope that has been gathering dust for a long time.

Jump rope is a very effective workout equipment. Its users need less time to achieve more. Time is not the only thing the rope saves; it is also economical in terms of money and space, among other things. Yes, with this magical invention, less is more.

According to Science Daily, ten minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to running eight miles. In addition, its physically taxing nature, coupled with the combination of rhythm, strategy and coordination is a recipe for the development of our creative acumen and divergent thinking.

I wouldn’t recommend a lightweight rope. Plastic ropes are suitable for rapid footwork. Adjust the length of your rope according to your height. Step on the middle of the rope and make sure the handles reach your waist.

We are staying home temporarily but this is not a holiday season. Those of us who are in a position to work from home need to be more focused than ever. Kick-starting our days with mini sessions of skipping rope will undoubtedly make us more productive.

The author is a travel enthusiast whose mission to discover Rwanda’s tourist attractions is suspended until further notice. He is currently staying home for obvious reasons.

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