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The need to create an electronic signature

The need to create an electronic signature

It has been a couple of weeks but the lockdown has already taught me a lot. For starters, I have become my own IT guy. Stuck in the house, circumstances have forced me to figure out how to fix issues I used to consider technical. Before I was grounded, anything technical was someone else’s responsibility.

As I consult Google frequently, I am gradually learning to filter an overwhelming amount of information and separate the wheat from the chaff. I have also found out that the world’s leading search engine does much more than simply responding to our questions and advertising. The company has become a self-proclaimed prefect on the internet.

YouTube has been helpful. In the beginning, I turned to the platform in order to learn how to prepare pancakes. Then I returned to the site in pursuit of home workout ideas. If I am not careful, the pancakes I have been eating will cause a lot of damage to my Body Mass Index.

While following instructions on how to fix technical hiccups I experience from time to time, I find myself subjected to Indian accents of all tones and baritones. Before the acronym COVID- 19 was coined, I didn’t know there are so many Indian teachers plying their craft on YouTube.

Has anyone else noticed that late night show hosts look different at home? Another thing the lockdown has taught me is that American-based comedians who have made a career out of mocking and ridiculing their president don’t look as polished while working from home as they do in their colorful studios. The showbiz industry hasn’t figured out how to enable makeup artists to work remotely.

Let’s get to the main reason I decided to write this piece. The need to acquire an electronic signature. We don’t know how long the restriction of movements will take. If you are privileged enough to work from home, you may consider creating an e-signature.

What is an e-signature? Since we all know what a signature is, all we need to learn is the difference between a traditional signature and an electronic one. The only difference is that the latter, as its name suggests, is presented in an electronic form. E-signatures are accorded the same legal recognition as handwritten signatures. An e-signature is uploaded on an electronically transmitted document as verification of the sender’s signatory commitment. As more and more team members are working from their respective homes, electronic signatures are handy. An e-signature is not only legally binding but also efficient and cost-effective.

An electronic signature should not be confused with a digital signature. There is a difference between an e-signature and a digital one but that’s a subject for another day.

I had planned to spend this weekend camping on Akeza Island off the shore of Rubavu but coronavirus had other ideas. One other thing I have learned from the shutdown is to appreciate the pandemic-free world we all miss badly. Let’s stay home today and discover Akeza Island tomorrow.

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