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Home sweet home

Home sweet home

I woke up in the morning and took a shower. Then I had breakfast in the garden. After breakfast, I felt like working out and that’s what I did next. My workout session was followed by another shower and a second breakfast. By 9, I had taken a shower twice. As if that wasn’t strange enough, I had also eaten breakfast twice. Most likely, I am the only person in the world who has ever taken two showers and consumed two breakfasts before 9 in the morning.

I was in the Northern Province of Rwanda spoiling myself with whatever my heart desired, courtesy of Musanze Caves Hotel. The mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys were in the backyard. The Volcanoes and the Twin Lakes were in the vicinity. Canoe tours, cultural excursions and a myriad of other thrilling expeditions were at my disposal.

After my second breakfast, I put my hiking boots and Skechers aside. I unpacked my flip-flops, grabbed a mug of coffee and opened a good book. My excessive consumption of breakfast didn’t prevent me from drinking more coffee.

Before I made it to Musanze Caves Hotel, I was swallowed by the ground and disappeared from the surface of the earth. I spent an hour walking under the ground, covering a distance of about 2 kilometers. At the end of this eerie route, I discovered a home away from home. A place where warm showers are invigorating and breakfast tastes better.

The spring-like weather Musanze experiences all year long encourages hiking, cycling and other vigorous activities. As far as my craving for breakfast is concerned, a combination of exercise-induced appetite and the culinary expertise of the cook employed by my host should be blamed for my gluttonous behavior.

I had my fair share of calorie-burning activities before I checked into that clean, lemon-scented cottage I slept in. After dinner, I kicked back, relaxed and followed the latest news bulletin. It was important to catch up with the news because a lot could have happened when I had been swallowed by the ground and disappeared from the surface of the earth.

While looking for treasure through the channel paved underneath the ground, I saw creepier chambers off the main route and encountered a colony of bats. I conquered fear, assumed control and saw the light at the end of the tunnel, literary.

You can reach Musanze Caves Hotel through a conventional route by driving straight to the facility. If you are not claustrophobic and your mind thrives on stimulation instilled by horror experiences, then the Musanze Caves’ freakish path is recommended for you.

The author is an adventurer on a mission to discover what Rwanda has to offer. Follow his awe-inspiring journey on

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