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Deluxe Camping

Deluxe Camping

Deluxe camping has become a popular phrase in the travel industry lately. Also known as glamorous camping, or simply glamping, this trend fuses luxury and simplicity. It is a solution to travelers who need to experience camping without compromising the comfort of their own bedrooms.

In Rwanda, this upscale dimension of camping is offered by the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center (WOC) located in Kayonza District. Unlike traditional tents, Urugo’s deluxe ones have Wi-Fi, en suite solar-powered hot showers and verandas.

Spurred by a growing number of tourists traversing the globe, luxury resorts are sprouting up in places we once called remote. Despite this massive investment in hotels, camping has remained popular.

There are numerous adventurers out there trying to get up, close and personal with mother nature. According to this brood of wanderers, camping in the wilderness does the trick.There are also those who prefer to bond with nature whilst enjoying basic home amenities. Deluxe camping caters for the needs of both groups.

Urugo Eco-Lodge is set up within the premises of the WOC. The center encompasses a meeting room, restaurant and several workshops. Its roadside coffee shop and craft market are outlets vending a wide range of products produced by the beneficiaries of the center’s training programs.

Roofs of different units are designed to harvest rainwater which is funneled to the underground cisterns through a network of pipes. A solar pump is used to propel collected water to the tank and eventually dispatch it to different parts of the facility.

By capturing rainwater and tapping into renewable energy, the establishment utilizes natural resources while contributing to a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

The composting toilets used on-site save water. A stringent daily and weekly maintenance routine is observed to ensure a risk-free management of human waste in the absence of sewers and septic tanks.

WOC runs hands-on training programs that equip women with practical skills needed to create marketable products and manage successful businesses. The state-of-the-art center was designed by a woman and built by women for the benefit of women.

In partnership with different tour operators, Urugo WOC offers cultural and community-based excursions. Their packages are designed to showcase a rich Rwandan cultural heritage while opening multiple streams of income for women from neighboring communities.

Sandwiched by two gift shops, Urugo Roadside Café attracts travelers craving for coffee and quick bites. The strategically located café is also ideal for tourists en route to Akagera National Park.

A stopover at the roadside joint will most likely tempt you to spend money on more than aromatic beverages and snacks. Other made in Rwanda products, including yogurt, fermented milk and peanut butter are also available. These products are processed, packaged and branded by the aforementioned women. Their gifted hands are also responsible for the creation of a variety of handicrafts and fashion items displayed in the gift shops.

By purchasing these authentic products, you will be contributing to the empowerment of women and socio-economic transformation of the community in a grand scheme of things. When enabled, women are capable of improving the welfare of not only their families but also their entire communities and the nation.

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