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Let’s Talk About Tea

I occupied a table placed on the verandah of Café Camellia amidst the splendid décor of green camellia flowers. As I sipped some tea, I reminisced...

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Touring Lake Kivu Aboard Iliza Houseboat

We set sail in the afternoon and cruised around a cluster of islands I am obsessed with. As we did so, we marveled at those picturesque isles...

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Agaseke: Symbol of Peace and Love

A traditional Rwandan basket known as Agaseke, is a symbol of peace and love. It is also a key weapon in the war against poverty, particularly...

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Deluxe Camping

Deluxe camping has become a popular phrase in the travel industry lately. Also known as glamorous camping, or simply glamping, this trend fuses...

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My Memorable Kigali City Tour

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Kigali. Excitement was in the air as a group of tourists, myself included, embarked on a tour of Kigali...

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The Rise of Richard Kandt

The first German colonial governor in Rwanda came from humble beginnings. Before setting foot on the African continent, seldom known Richard...

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Strangers with whom I shared a dormitory

After an adventurous day along the Rutsiro segment of the Congo Nile Trail, I made it to Karongi late and hanged out with a couple of tourists...

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