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Stopover in Gikomero Sector

After visiting Bumbogo, I proceeded to the southern tip of Lake Muhazi via Gikomero and Rutunga. This was the first time I reached Muhazi without...

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Unusual shopping experience in Musanze

I have been trying to avoid congestions as much as I can, but when I ran out of clean socks in Musanze, I went to the market. Like many other...

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Stopover in Kimonyi Sector

Sometimes I go out for a walk or ride without a slight idea of where I would end up. As I wander around freely, my mind does the same. I am...

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Tracing the source of Mukungwa River

About a week ago, I shared my experiences riding Indakangwa, a made in Rwanda adventure bike, to My Hill Ecolodge on the shore of Lake Ruhondo....

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Cultivating the Culture of Reading

Albert Einstein once said "The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." While in Musanze, I visited Agati Library....

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Good Books and Singing Birds

I am writing this piece from the Peakspot Lodge, a stone’s throw away from the Volcanoes National Park. Earlier today, I visited the Africa...

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