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Lake Ihema derived its name from a tent

Upon arrival from present-day Tanzania, Henry Stanley reportedly pitched his tent on the shore of Lake Ihema in the 1870s. His tent became a...

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Returning to Akagera National Park

Is it only me or the Akagera National Park is getting greener? Its wildlife population is rebounding too. When I visited Akagera for the first...

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Getting to know my audience

Good morning internet. I am on a tour of Kayonza District, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. However, I am not sharing my experiences in Kayonza...

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Just another day at the office

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Kayonza. I am excited about the new excursions lined up on my schedule. For Nayigiki Marceline, a resident of...

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The panorama of remarkable attractions

From the terrace of Akagera Rhino Lodge, I saw the Akagera National Park, Lake Ihema, Kagera River and parts of Kagera region in neighboring...

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