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Let’s Do This

I have just spoken to one follower of this blog who claims I cover Karongi more often than the rest of the districts. He is wrong. Karongi is the...

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Fresh Coffee and Fine Art

On my way to Gwinkwavu, I dropped by Imigongo Art Center for a cup of coffee and a quick bite. This happened in June this year. It was my first...

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Sailing to Kivu Lodge

This tour started and ended at Golf Hotel in Karongi. The 32-km round trip to and from Kivu Lodge found in the neighboring district of Nyamasheke...

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Lake Kivu is an investment magnet

Covering an area of 2,700 square kilometers, Lake Kivu is the biggest water body in Rwanda. This stunning lake is stimulating nature-based...

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What men can do, women can do better

Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center was designed by a woman namely Sharon Davis. Sharon is an architect who measures the success of her projects by...

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